Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mnet's k-beauty box ....Different specie of memebox?

I don't know if you guys know about Mnet from South Korea.  It is basically the equivalent of MTV but for Koreans!  Anyways, i was talking on makeuptalk forum on the memebox section and someone mentioned this box! I was like ohhhh, another beauty but straight from Korea too and its only $40.... wait wait... and you don't have to wait a month and a half for your box to be ship........... wait. There's more? AND you get to see what you are getting and decide before you buy it.  WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~

Don't get me wrong, i still LOVE memebox but this is another cool box too and the price is quite reasonable. They only have 450 boxes in stock, so if you really want it... you should get it.


I think it is a really good deal considering the Dr. Jart BB bounce beauty is $58 USD in sephora! $58 GUYS!!  The box is only $40.  COME ON! I feel so good that it feels like I'm stealing.... I feel like i'm guilty of doing crime, but being beautiful and saving money is a crime BUAHAHA.  Okay I think that makes no sense but I'm not going to backspace. 

*And no, I'm not sponsored...... this box is just too awesome not to share! Why keep things to yourself if something is this frinkin' awesome!!!!*

If you want to check it out, read more!
First of all,  here is the link.  I was about to forget to include the link LOL because I am too excited for you guys to see this box too!

Shipping....right after you pay?

Just like Memebox, Mnet collaborated with Get it beauty.  If you don't know what get it beauty is, it is this awesome korean show that shows you all these cool tips and tricks on hair, beauty, make up and skincare.  I personally LOVE their skincare talk since they show you how to use household items to maximize the health of your skin.  And they show you korean beauty products (but they do not show you the brands so you have to guess or google it).  I got sucked into buying the Tony Moly aqua aura sleeping pack because of them keke.  Anyways, they show you the best beauty items on the show, so it is a perfect collaboration with them! 

I went to my local mall which had this one store where they would rent out little glass cubes.  People would rent the little cubes to sell products and many of them are korean and japanese skincare and cosmetics.  About 95% of the korean skincare and cosmetics they had there, we got in memebox!  Like the carbonated Miss piggy mask, Pure smile choosy lip mask and scrub, the face masks featured in the memeboxes, IOPE products and many more which I can not remember because I'm having brain fart.  And the prices on them were three times the retail Korean price which is ridiculous.  So happy i got memebox in my life keke.

This box includes 7 items! Two BB cushion (well the Dr. Jart one is a mesh with the cool sponge puff, the other is a foundation), two types of masks, one gel sunscreen, clio eyeliner set, and the I say tint, you say gloss.  I have actually seen the I say tiny, you say gloss in a K drama and i was like OOOOOHHH MMYYYY GAWWWWW~ They have that in memebox.  And then I got that smirk on my face.  The face of pride because I got cool stuff on discount.  Yes, I am a discount kinda girl ;).

There is also a page with more information on each of the products if you would like to check it out!

So what do you guys think? Are you going to get it? I obviously bought it in a heartbeat because I really want to try cushion foundation/ BB creams with that cool puff! I can not find anything in North America at the moment except for the Amore pacific one which is like $70 or something stupid.  And plus, I like korean products more anyways, so this box was PERFECT!

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  1. So glad to see this further info. I purchased the K Box and it shipped a few days ago. I was excited when I first saw the box & now am even more looking forward to its arrival.



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